Samoan tattoo

If you want to add tattoo to your body than you must look upon Samoan tattoo design. You all will agree with the fact that this is something very challenging and exciting. The Samoan tattoo is niche that is compared to the tribal tattoos. It is true that tribal tattoos are considered as a broad category but Samoan tattoo is something that will have its own complex nature and patterns. The tattoo art is one of the old practices that people would like to do. You can see the tattoo on the uncovered mummies as it is already been in practice thousands of years ago. Same is the case with the Samoan tattoo as they are believed to the 2000 years old. It is also believed that it was started in the country called lands of Polynesia as the country had the ethnic group that is called Samoans and they were well known for the tattoos.

According to the Samoan tribe legend, the art of tattoo was discovered by the two ladies called Tilafaiga and Teama. After that this art has flourished and has become the part of tradition and the culture. Even men were used to have tattoos at that time and the tradition has survived till now. When it was introduced by the both ladies, it has become the part of tradition plus it has marked the status in the society. The bigger the design of the tattoo is, the higher the status of that person in the society. Since then the art has become a basic necessity for the men to have it on the body. The art or you can say tattoo of this design is also copied in the modern world as people have stunning and striking design for these tattoos and many patterns are available in tattoo artist portfolio.

Men’s tattoos

When you are looking to add a tattoo design to your body than you must consider few things. Men’s tattoos are different from the women and it is important that you must take some good decision while selecting a design that perfectly suits you. Moreover the location of tattoo and the size of tattoo is other thing that matters a lot in making it stunning and striking. Okay consider it, some people start thinking about tattoo and the design before finalizing the location of tattoo but some people plan the location first and then look upon the designs. You can do both things simultaneously as it can be done in planning process.

When it comes to Men’s tattoos there is wide range of variety available when it comes to design as there is some fantastic design for men tattoos. There are some designs that include dolphin, Celtic, scorpion, tiger, zodiac and eagle; these designs are perfectly suit for men. There is wide range of color options available and you can select the color that may attract you. It is true that men like to have tattoo on the back side and certainly they are popular and are common in fashion. The size of the tattoo is vital that most of the organization don’t allow men to show there tattoo. Some tattoo designs that are very popular among the men are animal; the animal tattoos are very popular option as they can easily be scratch on the back. The animal tattoos are the tattoo that shows strength and power. Cross and angel is another great option for men to have it on the back. This kind of design is the symbol of power and loves ones. Moreover you can go to studio and can select from the design templates.

Lower back tattoos

If you are thinking to have a lower back tattoo, then there is only one thing that jumps into anyone mind straightaway and that is you wanted to look sexy. There is no second thought about it, because these lower back tattoos definitely make you look sexy and hot. So this is why it is important put little more emphasis on selecting the design of your tattoo for your lower back than any other body part. You have to select a perfect tattoo for your back that can not only tells about your personality but also make sure that you don`t lose the sexiest look.

The design that you will going to select for your back must include the shape of the tattoo and the perfect part of your lower back, where you wanted to get that. If any one thing is missing from these two, then it will not have the same impact that it should have.

One more thing that you must have to keep in mind while looking to have a lower back tattoo, is that you should get your body under knife when you don`t have busy schedule. This is important because you have to wear loose pants so that your body can heal. In case if you cannot do that, then you must not risk your body at that time.

There are different designs available for lower back tattoos but most of the girls go for some v shaped tattoos. This is not a compulsion because there are some who can go for some odd shapes too. So you have to select the one that you feel best for you and which you think you can easily carry for your whole life without any problem or trouble. So best of luck for your tattoo selection!

Amazing tattoos

Are you looking to have some tattoos on your body? If yes and you are thinking that from where you can easily get these, then don`t worry, there are many different sources from which you will be able to select the tattoo for your body. The most commonly used source is through different online websites. You can find some really amazing tattoos from these online websites. The only thing that you have to do is to make some good search to find these tattoos.

On these websites you can find different tattoo galleries where there are different kinds of tattoos available for your selection. For your ease these galleries are created with different tattoo niches so you can select the gallery according to your choice. This way you can easily save your time and you don`t have to go through all tattoo list to find your own favorite tattoo. As there are lot of websites available that provides you these amazing tattoos so you have to visit all these sites, or as many as possible. This won`t take too long, but this ensure that you find the right tattoo for yourself. You just have to bookmark the tattoo that you like from every website and then compare these all at the end. This way you can easily able to make a decision in favor of best tattoo.

On these websites there are different amazing tattoo designs available with description. So when you are considering any special tattoo for your body, do check its description. This way you will be able to know what this tattoo symbolizes. This is important because once a tattoo is embarked on your body, then it will stay there forever and you won`t be able to get rid of that. So select the one that you can easily carry with you forever.

Infinity Tattoo

In the world of tattoos; Celtics are known for their unique and exceptional design. Celtic was an old traditon and culture but still people know about Celtic art just because of Celtic infinity tattoos. If you have an Irish bar near your residence then you can go there and explroe historic Celtic norms. However, if you have an interest in history then you can find that Celtics were not confined only to Ireland but their power and following had spread all around Europe from the boundaries of Iberian Penninsula to Turkey. Now, the world of tattoos has great respect and following for Celtic infinity tattoos and it will not be wrong to say that the trend of Celtic tattoos is on fire. The characteristics usually associated with the Celtics are those that the majority of the people from all corners of the planet aim to achieve.

As history demonstrates and tales of Celts speak about their power; they had ruled Europe for a long time and now that power is followed by men and especially young lads as they wish to get Celtic tattoos on their bodies. This is predominantly inspiring, bearing in mind that their supremacy chopped below the Dark Ages, when the majority of the people were yet farming for survival. Women in Celtic reign were free to express their will for sex and that may be the reason for popularity of infinity tattoos among today’s women.

Explorign the male perspective for infinity tattoos; the Celtics were known for their strenghtn and brave attitude in battles. The Celts were disreputably stern fighters. Men interpret infinity tattoos as a sign of ferocious arrogance and supremacy. If you are choosing an infinity tattoo then you are actualy joining hands with elite union of fighters who are always ready to protect others in times of need.

Old School tattoos

The trend of having tattoo on your body is getting popular day by day and people love to have tattoo on their favorite design on the body. If you think about old school tattoos that you will have image of tattoo heart with banner that is illustrating mom. However it is important to know that there is thousands of different design when it comes to old school design. People like sailors and the bikers are the main people that were having this kind of tattoos on the body. At the old time women don’t like to have this kind of tattoo on the body as it was not acceptable in the society.
If you look in detail, you will find that bikers and the sailors at the time were having big forearm tattoos and if your father or grandfather were in military or navy you can the old school tattoos on the forearm. The fashion doesn’t remain the same as women become attractive towards the tattoo and with the passage of time and popularity women tends to have tattoo of this design on their body.

There are designs that are mixed with different colors and will give hot look to the women if they select the design carefully. If you want to have the same design that you must look upon mixing the old design with the modern design. Sailor Jerry is among the oldest and the respectable old school tattoo design artist. There is a lot you can find about the sailor jerry. He started the work from a small shop and there a lot of sailor come and have design of tattoo. The certainly had tons of design in tattoo art and people had fallen in love with the art work of the sailor. Good Luck.

Cover up tattoos

If you are having a tattoo on any of your body part, that you wanted to get rid of now, or you are regretting having a tattoo, but you don`t know how you can get away with that, then the best thing to go for cover up tattoos. This is now one of the most popular thing, because this way you don`t only get rid of your old tattoo, but you can also have a newer tattoo on your body. There are certain easy options that you can have in this case.
First of all if you like any tribal tattoo designs then you can have it as a cover up tattoo. This is easy to do because most of the tribal tattoos are so bright colored that they can easily cover up your old faded color tattoo with ease.
If you are having name of someone on your body, and now you regret that why you have that, then you can easily get rid of that too. For this you just have to pick the same color as of the name tattoo and select a different design. It usually goes on very well. You can also go for renaming the actual name. You may add some alphabets at the start or end of name to make it comical or give some other meaning. This is also a cover up tattoo solution that is very commonly used.
One more option for you is that if you wanted to eliminate an unwanted tattoo from your body, then you can go for, some modern and latest tattoo designs, as they are mostly bright in color, so this can easily help you to hide the old tattoo that you don`t want to show anyone. So good luck with your options, you can try any of these.

Dragonfly tattoo

You can’t deny the fact that the trend of having tattoo on your body is getting famous. More people are attracting towards best tattoo designs. Dragonfly tattoo is the design that is very much popular and famous in women. A lot of women are getting the tattoos on the body for the very first time and it is always best to have a dragon fly tattoo of small size on the body as it represent the love and wild spirit of symbolize. It is great to have a small tattoo on the body as it is very easy for women to cover up the tattoo on the work environment.
When it comes to Dragonfly tattoo women tends to select the big size tattoo on the body it may be on legs, arms, lower back and stomach. The tattoo of dragonfly may be of different color. It is the choice of individual that what kind of color they may go for. Men would like to go for blue and green color while women may decide to have purple and violet color tattoos on the body. No matter what color you may have decided, the Dragonfly tattoo is available in all kind of colors.
When going in to meaning of the tattoo, the dragon fly tattoo is considered as symbol of stamina. For women and men those don’t like to sit and always love to move would like to have tattoo of this design on their body. It is believed in Native America that people always have spirit of animals so that they would like to go for dragonfly as it is symbol of stamina. The popularity is increased with the passage of time and people are getting addicted to this skin art. You can take idea of dragonfly tattoo from internet.