Henna Tattoo

Henna is one of the key ingredients of temporary tattoos. Unlike other temporary tattoo elements; henna has some durability and it lasts for about a week or two. It does not include any toxic element and hence it is safe to use. Usually, a greater proportion of henna users is comprised of women as compared to men. Geographically, it is one of the popular elements for women of Sub-Continent. But nowadays, it has greater acceptance in west. It is also popular in West and North Africa, Arabian Peninsula and Iberia.

Fore Henna application; it is not necessary that you should be a professional artist or known to the substance before. It is really easy to apply and little practice can make you expert. But still, not everyone can apply it as it also needs your creative and artistic skills. You should be good at drawing and sketching skills to have hands on henna tattooing.

If you need to create complex henna tattoos then it is recommended that you should use stencil. Moreover, don’t prepare henna paste at your home but pick a readymade extract tube as it will be easy to apply. To make the process of henna tattooing; let’s us divide it into three stages for easy understanding. The first part of henna tattooing involves the trickiest job as you need to pick a right henna pen as your drawing will be dependent on the smoothness and flow of henna pen. After selection of henna pen; your next step is creation of drawing and the last part is after care.

While choosing a henna pen; take care to avoid a pen that contains preservatives as it can create irritation or skin allergy. Pick a pen that contains high proportion of natural henna abstract as the coloring and durability of henna tattoos depends on the quality of pen. Compile your box with different tips henna pens as it will give your more diversity in drawing. Good luck!