Old School tattoos

The trend of having tattoo on your body is getting popular day by day and people love to have tattoo on their favorite design on the body. If you think about old school tattoos that you will have image of tattoo heart with banner that is illustrating mom. However it is important to know that there is thousands of different design when it comes to old school design. People like sailors and the bikers are the main people that were having this kind of tattoos on the body. At the old time women don’t like to have this kind of tattoo on the body as it was not acceptable in the society.
If you look in detail, you will find that bikers and the sailors at the time were having big forearm tattoos and if your father or grandfather were in military or navy you can the old school tattoos on the forearm. The fashion doesn’t remain the same as women become attractive towards the tattoo and with the passage of time and popularity women tends to have tattoo of this design on their body.

There are designs that are mixed with different colors and will give hot look to the women if they select the design carefully. If you want to have the same design that you must look upon mixing the old design with the modern design. Sailor Jerry is among the oldest and the respectable old school tattoo design artist. There is a lot you can find about the sailor jerry. He started the work from a small shop and there a lot of sailor come and have design of tattoo. The certainly had tons of design in tattoo art and people had fallen in love with the art work of the sailor. Good Luck.