Samoan tattoo

If you want to add tattoo to your body than you must look upon Samoan tattoo design. You all will agree with the fact that this is something very challenging and exciting. The Samoan tattoo is niche that is compared to the tribal tattoos. It is true that tribal tattoos are considered as a broad category but Samoan tattoo is something that will have its own complex nature and patterns. The tattoo art is one of the old practices that people would like to do. You can see the tattoo on the uncovered mummies as it is already been in practice thousands of years ago. Same is the case with the Samoan tattoo as they are believed to the 2000 years old. It is also believed that it was started in the country called lands of Polynesia as the country had the ethnic group that is called Samoans and they were well known for the tattoos.

According to the Samoan tribe legend, the art of tattoo was discovered by the two ladies called Tilafaiga and Teama. After that this art has flourished and has become the part of tradition and the culture. Even men were used to have tattoos at that time and the tradition has survived till now. When it was introduced by the both ladies, it has become the part of tradition plus it has marked the status in the society. The bigger the design of the tattoo is, the higher the status of that person in the society. Since then the art has become a basic necessity for the men to have it on the body. The art or you can say tattoo of this design is also copied in the modern world as people have stunning and striking design for these tattoos and many patterns are available in tattoo artist portfolio.