Tattoo Sleeve

Choosing the right tattoo design for your sleeves is the most difficult task and you need to examine all choices carefully before deciding about final tattoo sleeve design. A few popular designs are discussed below. Let’s have a look on tattoo sleeve designs popular among individuals

Japanese Work designs

Japanese art is one of the favorites among tattoo fans for their sleeves. If you wish to endow Japanese art on full sleeve then it is necessary that you should study the design and determine if it flows all together. Japanese tattoo art’s best feature is continuity in flow. Moreover, it goes with the trend and style without any odd look. So, Japanese art can be marked as one top selection while listing tattoo sleeve ideas.


Hollywood has a craze about flames tattoo sleeves. Many artists have got flames on their sleeves and it has emerged to be a trend. Flames are popular as tattoo designs for sleeves and these are considered to be an easy choice. The best thing about flames on your sleeves is brightness of colors and flow of flames around your sleeves. You can certainly integrate supplementary designs together with the flames, however for individuals desiring for a plain sleeve design, flames can serve well as your foundation and you can continue with other stuff from there.

Custom tattoo sleeve ideas

Moreover, there are numerous other choices that you can opt for including tribal designs and others. People choose to have spiritual or religious designs, some love to endow statements and some go straight for custom art. So, the wearer is open to choose between number of choices just according to his/her personality, feelings and thoughts. Besides all these ideas, you can search for some available designs online. Good luck!