Tattoos for Women

If you are looking to get a hot women tattoo, then you must be thinking of any body part where you can get that. There is a difference of opinion about this by every women because hot means different for every women. But there are some tattoos for women that are widely regarded as hot. This can also be proved by looking at different women and their tattoos. Currently there are 3 tattoo designs that are regarded very hot for women.

  • Tattoos that are created from lower calf reach to the ankle region. These tattoos can be small as well as very detailed. Lately if you look around then you will see that there are many women who are looking to get a tattoo on their ankle. There can be different reasons like, there are some workplaces which don`t allow you to show the tattoo design in public. This is why women are getting tattoos on ankle because they can show or hide these when they want.

  • The second best tattoo for women that really look hot is to have heart tattoo. These are usually very stylish, symbolic and detailed. There are lots of designs available for heart tattoos like, pierced hearts, locked heart, sacred heart and heart with name of your sweetheart.

  • Another body part where the tattoos look really hot for women is lower back. The tattoo here looks very sexy. You can have butterflies; fairy and tribal tattoos are very much in fashion.

These are just three simple ideas, but other than these there are many others. So you just have to make some effort and check online the styles and designs of tattoos. You may find some other idea which looks hotter to you then these. So just don`t confine yourself to these ideas, think of some more.